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Controlling Emotions

The timing in which to communicate is an important key to having it be effective.

1. No children or interruptions are allowed during the time in which you have set aside. 

~ Children should be in bed or at a parents or friends home and all phones shut off or should be taken off the hook.

2. Emotions usually run high during serious communication so sit face to face and hold hands while speaking.
~ By holding hands, it has been proven to help keep a lid on emotions. 

~ Remember that everyone has their view and are passionate about how they feel concerning the issue being discussed.

3. ALWAYS,  when having a discussion, try to understand the other person's perspective.

~ Each person may not see things the same so you need to be willing to agree to disagree. 
~ Be respectful of the other person's opinions.
Look in the other person's eyes as you speak.

be respectful as the respect you show someone else will often be shown to you.



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