For almost 20 years - "Dedicated to building stronger relationships" 


Communication Tools

We at HIM have been working to help families for years. As families experiencing problems come to us for help, they often lack the "tools" they need to overcome their difficulties. People who use our "tools" tell us that they benefit greatly from them.

The first "tool" you will need to try is the communication "tool". Without good communication skills, you will not be able to discuss and resolve any other relational issues or problems.

We use several communication tools to assist families in breaking the negative communication cycles. This four part series will provide you with tools every person can use to improve their communication. As communications begin to improve individuals and families can begin to discuss and resolve relationship issues they face.



Founders: Jeff & Ruth Titus
HIM, Inc was

Established in 1998 and continues to serve churches and the community. 

It is Jeff & Ruth's desire to help build stronger God Centered Families through marriage and family enrichment programs by offering: 

Marital Coaching, Enrichment Retreats, Seminars, 
Weekly Classes 
and as