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The Book of LOVE - "The Song of Solomon"




All of this from a short eight chapter book!

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The Song of Songs (also know as the Song of Solomon) is one of the least understood and most avoided books in the Bible. Rarely, if ever, will you hear a sermon preached from this book. This book gives God's perspective and clear direction on how we are to deal with relational issues.

Christian men and women date and marry without any Biblical perspective of what God's plan or design is for their selection of a lifetime mate or what is or is not appropriate for their marriage. Churches seem to approach this issue like handing young people a grenade and tell them to "fiddle with it until they figure it out". How many young people are seriously wounded during the dating years and never figure out what God's plan is on this most important area of their lives? Isn't there any Biblical teaching on dating, romance, and intimacy?  Answer - YES THERE IS!



Founders: Jeff & Ruth Titus
HIM, Inc was

Established in 1998 and continues to serve churches and the community. 

It is Jeff & Ruth's desire to help build stronger God Centered Families through marriage and family enrichment programs by offering: 

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